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Poster: FreeAmerica2004 Date: Jul 14, 2004 4:50am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights

Civil liberties and due process of law are eroding due to the “war on terrorism” and new technology that allows easy invasion of privacy. Americans of Arab descent and Muslim-Americans are feeling the brunt of these dragnet, arbitrary practices. Mr. Nader supports the restoration of civil liberties, repeal of the Patriot Act, and an end to secret detentions, arrests without charges, no access to attorneys and the use of secret “evidence,” military tribunals for civilians, non-combatant status and the shredding of “probable cause” determinations. They represent a perilous diminishment of judicial authority in favor of concentrated power in the executive branch. Sloppy law enforcement, dragnet practices are wasteful and reduce the likelihood of apprehending violent criminals. Mr. Nader seeks to expand civil liberties to include basic human rights in employment and truly equal rights regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.

Vote Nader/Camejo 2004

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Poster: jackgrimes2004 Date: Jul 16, 2004 2:10am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights

Why don't you tell them the story of the Canadian citizen, who was an Arab by birth, who was waiting to change planes to go back to Canada in an airport in NYC, when the DHLS or one of the defacto gov't. Gestapo div. grabbed him, held him without reason, tormented and tortured him. Then when the Canadians found out what was going on with one of their citizens, the Feds rushed him off to Syria, knowing he'd be tortured and tormented again there? I'm sure Mr. Grimes knows this mans name, I don't although a proof read everything he sends out and Sally Parker and I correct his spelling errors & etc.

We only heard this story once on TV, then no more. The media in this country will tell the truth, some of the time but, in such small doses it never sinks in.

Mr. Grimes, met Mr. Nader at a candidates meet & greet when he ran in 2000 and thinks he's a good man. However, we believe the rot and decay has gone too far and, only an outright Fascist system can save America now. We believe the defacto gov't. will pull more FAKE terrorisms around the time of election to halt it, as they know nobody would ever elect a filthy creature like George W. Bush to public office, then if this happens the people will be forced to fight or be enslaved by the "new" Nazi's. It's a sad time to be an American as a Civil war is coming.
Heil Grimes!
Vote Fascist 04!
(if there's an election)